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Thinking for yourself is the thing on which everything depends” ― Nancy Kline


How do you know when you have reached your full potential?


Coaching is an inquisive method to develop your awareness and understanding of self and others. With greater awareness comes more choice. With more choice comes freedom and power to live the life you want. 


Through guided introspection, you can set yourself free from hidden, limiting assumptions and develop new behaviours that are aligned to your values and strengths. The coaching approach involves body, mind and spirit, but always with an eye on achievement rather than only the therapeutic lens. 




I use a holistic approach to coaching where the objective is to make you more in tune with all aspects of yourself. This model has been developed by Marika Ronthy at Amfora Future Dialogue, my mentor and trusted leadership expert. The philosophy Leader Intelligence is based around three paradigms;


  • Rational Intelligence IQ (what you would like to achieve)

  • Emotional Intelligence EQ (how you behave and how others see you)

  • Spiritual & Mindful Intelligence SQ (what you are truly about) 


I focus on the benefits of positive psychology to discover your strengths and values and how to embed them in your daily life. In addition, I am also very interested in the meditative aspects of Buddhism and its linkages to neuroscience and happy to bring theory and practice to the conversation.




I work with people who are curious about exploring their thoughts, behaviours and emotions as vehicles to remove self-limiting beliefs and explore the outer boundaries of their potential. The dialogue is an excellent forum to deepen one's quality of thought on the path to a greater life.



If you could design a life without fear, what would you set free?

















You are the leader. Bring yourself along. Initial meetings are always free. Get in touch.

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