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“I am more than the sum of my achievements” ― Louise Rönnerdahl

Louise Rönnerdahl. Leadership Coach.

My name is Louise and my dream is to see a world full of human flourishing.


Through a very non-linear career trajectory for the past 15 years, I have seen and lived tremendous joy, love and courage but also hardship, challenge and failure. 


My experience spans across three continents and almost 90 countries. These explorations have taken me deep into the hidden aspects of human life, but also into the more complex aspects of our mind and what makes people like you and me tick. As well as what holds many humans back from exploring and living our true potential. 


Most of the times we are our own invisible and unconcious source of suffering. Thus, we also possess the inner antidotes and the capability to achieve great happiness and joy. 


My own leadership roots grew strong in Africa, where I worked at Emerging Leaders to cultivate responsible and catalytic leadership in vulnerable communities for a more prosperous livelihood. 


I have six years of management consulting and investment banking from the City of London behind me and hold a MBA from INSEAD Business School and Master of Business from University of Stockholm School of Business.


To further improve my own appreciation for the challenges that my clients face, I became part of the management team of a turnaround company in Tanzania in 2014, where authentic leadership was instrumental to deliver the most benefit and the least harm to everybody involved.


I am affiliated with Amfora Future Dialogue and its international sister organisation Leader Intelligence and a certified coach with the European Mentor and Coaching Council.


If you want to learn more about who I am - discover my blog louise.emerging









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